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Flickering Candle Experiment (2020)
SCHWING Motion Graphics Experiment (2020)
Face to Bird-Face (2019)
A Summary of The Guild: Seasons 1-5

Made almost entirely by myself (some acting by my immediate family) in a single weekend for a contest.

I had very little sleep during the creation of this, and I like to think that my sleep deprived brain retardation had a lot to do with it turning out so fabulously. [citation needed]

Music arranged and performed by DuckDuckMusic.

Jemilla The Movie: Official Trailer (2012)

Cut entirely from random pre-existing footage. This was equal parts April Fools Day upload, and motivational reminder for myself.

Featuring music by Vanden.


5 second clay animation short.

Submission for a festival that never ended up happening.

Sockosaurus and the Shoeship

I don't even know. I wanted to make a little video, but I was being lazy and decided to just use the mess that was already on my floor, and then scribbled over the top of it. I actually quite like this one.

We Don't Have Faces

A little 2D animation that I made for Valentine's Day.

And Thus It Went

This is what happens when I try to use Flash.

Daryl Edmund, P.I.

A short video created by my brother and myself, for one of my high school English assignments.

Our teacher liked to give us oral presentations to do, but with my crippling anxiety and tendency to cry and shake while trying to speak in front of the class, I did as many as I could in video form.

As a bonus, they temporarily broke the monotony of presentation day and gave everyone a much needed laugh.


Created from concept to completion in one day by my brother, our friend Alex, and myself.

This was our birthday gift to my mum on her 50th.

Little did we know that half of the family had secretly organised to come and visit. We had a 'screening' in a tiny room, and most of the family had to stand outside and watch through the window.

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